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An Enterprise Approach for Enterprise Requirements

We know your requirements well

Companies are changing the way they do business. A rapid change is taking place from organized markets toward non-organized markets, from stand-alone products to common products able to carry out each other's work, in brief, toward fully competitive markets.

In a competitive environment where digitalization and globalization are taking place, where information and effective management are gaining importance, where change is inevitable and where even the management of change is becoming increasingly difficult, you are searching for solutions that will help to support and reinforce your existence.

Production itself is not enough anymore. Speed, quality, productivity and reduced costs are the foundations of unconditional customer satisfaction, and therefore, success. Therefore the need to access reliable quickly data that is being formed and circulated in all departments of your enterprise, and to transform this data to enterprise information to fortify your decision making process is stronger than ever.

We know that our success lies in understanding your needs well and in presenting the solutions that will add value to your business and we always.

Aim for the best

Our main aim is to meet all your enterprise software requirements and to solve all your enterprise software problems. Since 1989, we have constantly raised the bar to work towards this aim and have produced pioneering and comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software that will accelerate your work, fortify your decision making processes and help you see the future more clearly and with assurance.

Constant and Disciplinary Work

Our main strategy is to add new products to the global ERP software market by following developments in technology closely and to grow hand in hand with our clients by supplying them with solutions that will help them manage their businesses in the most effective manner.

With the guidance of this strategy we work constantly under discipline and produce new technology that astounds even industry leaders in the ERP market.

The result. We have succeeded

Our latest product CANIAS ERP, which contains perfect solutions for your requirements and problems has now been applied successfully in 9 countries in 6 different languages and is in active use. Many companies, from a variety of industries from automotive, chemistry, packaging, jewellery to construction with capacities ranging from 10 to 150 users are being effectively managed with CANIAS ERP.

If you want to work with an efficient solution provider who knows the foreign market and business processes as well as domestic requirements in a time, you are at the right address.

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