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Innovative Business Solutions For Enterprise Services Architecture by IAS - CANIAS ERP

Total Integrated Planning with CANIAS ERP

CANIAS ERP is a comprehensive, sector independent, suitable to variant structured firms, without content restrict and experienced enterprise solution to empower small, medium to large size enterprises operations using highly efficient tools. All solutions are based on open standards and are supported by our widely functional application software.

CANIAS ERP is offer you to provide a stable, an integrated and secure platform for business processes, at the same time it helps having easy to coordinate effectively your departments and taking quick decisions with reliable data and ready for all upcoming challenges.

CANIAS ERP as an ERP software solution since 1994, it delivers enterprise solutions in more than 9 countries around Europe with 6 different language versions. All facets of the business, including logistics, planning, manufacturing, capacity control, accounting, finance, customer relation management, human resources management, supply chain management, sales, balanced score cards, Electronic Data Transfer (EDI), purchase, and marketing etc.

With CANIAS ERP solutions you can easily install and implement your enterprise services architecture to gain entire control and increase your operations flexibility. CANIAS ERP provides highly efficient tools to improve and manage your business performance to increase competitive advantage quickly, reducing costs and gain the agility to react to dynamic business needs for your target markets.

CANIAS ERP Expanded ERP packet is designed and developed to supply the need for comprehensive and integrated software to gather data and work processes of the middle and large scaled institutions and companies, like supply chain management, production, sales and purchase, under a unique structure and enable their management.

CANIAS ERP is an evolutionary result of the software development activities of IAS since 1994. The most evident innovational properties of CANIAS ERP Software Product are: Platform Independence:

CANIAS ERP software is database and operations system independent. Owing to %100 Java infrastructure, CANIAS ERP can be executed on any environment where Java Virtual Machine is set up.

Original Development Environment:

CANIAS ERP Software includes an interpreter, which is for the aim of internet based ERP and business applications development designed, and a complete development environment called TROIA4GL, which consists of various integrated tools. The business applications developed with TROIA4GL can be instantly and easily transported to the productive environment without any technical confusion.

Easy Availability:

End-users of CANIAS ERP System can easily connect to CANIAS ERP Servers over the internet. For this, there is no need for an additional software installation on the client side, but just a java compatible any kind of internet browser.

Feel free from time and location

CANIAS ERP supports also web-based CANIAS ERP application; it requires no client side installation, cross-platform and maintained centrally with java compatible any kind of Internet browser, such as Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox. With this flexible functionality you can easily integrate external stuffs, brunches, customers and suppliers into your system in the future.

Escape from technical restrictions

With CANIAS ERP software application all departments and functions are fully integrated across an enterprise with platform independence. That means CANIAS ERP software solutions are database and operations system independent. CANIAS ERP is developed with 100% Java framework which runs on any environment just setting up Java Virtual Machine. This helps to leverage your existing investments and improve technologies to lower cost competitive.

Escape from system chaos

CANIAS ERP can easily install in short time by this chance you can optimize your work process with integrated structure. It permits minimize your system data inputs and gains taking quick for your business challenges

Take control of management

CANIAS ERP integrates all departments into a single service architecture that runs off a single database that presents you to provide requested reports completely and safely. It provides you to analyze your past business actions with its useful tools Balanced Score Cards and On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) that gives you to take quick strategic decisions.

Be open for innovations

CANIAS ERP offers you to develop and produce original reports of your companies with its highly efficient tools. We introduce new innovations, our knowledge, experience, and technology for optimizing your business enhances for future solutions. CANIAS ERP offers open-end and flexible business solutions, which includes an interpreter called TROIA. With TROIA's graphical user interface you can instantly and easily customize and extend your developments to the productive environment without any technical confusion with highest level.

Comprehensive Functionality

CANIAS ERP's modular frame is a smart solution for your company's all business management needs and future enhancements. The flexible structure of CANIAS ERP allows you to install and implement some modules without buying the whole package of the software. It means you can decide your priority requirements installation step-by-step CANIAS ERP modules partly, then according to your system enhancement you can integrate new modules into your enterprise system frame.

Our modular based solutions are already using and developing for different sectors such as automotive, chemical, packaging, jewellery, construction from 10 clients to 250 clients with multi-language, multi-currency, multi-tax, multi-accounting features.

Business Solutions, Applications and Modular Structure

Modular structure of the CANIAS ERP System is ideal for the company development. Apart from the basic module hardware, successor modules can join the system when needed, so the companies can privatize CANIAS ERP System according to their own needs. In other words, IAS hardware and applications can be quick and gradual according to company's development process.

We provide a list and summary of common modules and key features of CANIAS ERP collaborative applications following.
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