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WFC - Work Flow Management

CANIAS ERP Work Flow Management System provides you to control flexibly between firms, company internal process', without touching data flow. Company specific tasks are identified optimum level with integration of automatic systems. Back office test and control mechanisms provide tuning with requested level. By this chance it helps to increase productivity while reducing labor work loads by manually and continuous repeated work process. With CANIAS ERP Work Flow Management highly effient tools, optimization and tuning process' are simplified. You don't need to involve complicated programming thanks to its graphical user interface.

CANIAS ERP Work Flow Management is based on work process modeling. Hence by different work flows can be analyzed. CANIAS ERP Work Flow Management provides you to manage and screen activities by a centrally component for developing work flow controlling. CANIAS ERP Work Flow Management gives an opportunity that provides full integration modeling between process' and labors while combining results by ISO 9000/TQM documentation.

 With CANIAS WFC Module  
  • Work Flow Management helps you to form which provides process automation system between information and participants.
  • You can send work commands, request, to screen results and manage sending infos whose same and different disciplinary users.
  • You can unite increasing work process productivity and standardize.
  • You can provide labors to offer service while reducing labors adaptation period.
  • You can automate process screening by tuning and assigning automatically.

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