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VER - Invoice Control

Conformance of business purchasing activities to the requirements specified in purchase orders is a critical factor in cost control. At the same time, as part of aggregate purchasing, the distribution of related indirect (overhead) costs to those goods or services being purchased is a necessary step that must be performed to obtain actual purchasing costs.

In the process of accepting an invoice associated with a purchase order, multiple and separate departments of the enterprise bear differing responsibilities, and as such, it is crucial for information to be shared between those departments. It is necessary to check that the goods associated with the invoice being accepted have been received, and that the requirements specified in the purchased order are met by the invoice. At the same time, additional items specified in the invoice, such as shipping, customs and insurance, need to be distributed to the related goods using a specific method. This step requires highly detailed calculations.

While an invoice is being entered into the system, the CANIAS ERP Invoice Control module checks the invoice against the requirements specified on its associated purchase order. This makes it possible to discover errors and perform the required corrections before the invoice is entered into the system. Based on material type, the Invoice Control module also checks whether the invoiced goods have been received into inventory, and prevents entry of invoices into the system for which the corresponding goods have not been received.

In purchasing operations, additional costs will frequently be incurred. The invoices for such costs in turn involve multiple purchased items or multiple purchases. During invoice entry, the CANIAS ERP Invoice Control module allows you to control how these costs will be distributed. You can perform cost distribution by selecting among weight, volume, quantity, unit price or total price options. The invoices entered using the Invoice Control module can be transferred to accounting using the associated invoice ID as key.

 Comprehensive Functionality  
  • Checking price on purchase order against price on invoice
  • Calculation of net amount, VAT and gross amount, and checking these against invoice
  • Specification of terms of payment
  • Entry of invoices for costs associated with the purchase
  • Checking invoiced goods against goods received into inventory, based on material type
  • Specification of method for distribution of invoices for costs:
    • Weight-based distribution
    • Quantity-based distribution
    • Volume-based distribution
    • Unit cost-based distribution
    • Total cost-based distribution

  • Entering accepted invoices into the accounting system


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