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SYS - System Administration

This section includes tools and application that enables the management of system such as installation, maintenance, users, authorization, interface settings, blocks, messages and menu.

Data Integration

CANIAS ERP applications record data to a databank where all users can access simultaneously and therefore there is a data blocking concept developed for the purpose of avoiding erroneous data on system. Each databank log can be changed by only a single user simultaneously by recording block key so that data availability keeps continuing. Your system manager may interfere with the blocks on the system due to CANIAS ERP System Blocks application.

Customized System Messages

You can manage error, warning and info messages used under CANIAS ERP modules through messages application in System Administration module. Therefore, customizing standard messages for your company is fast and easy. In addition, all messages are kept basing on language i.e. messages also have multilingual concept just as user interfaces.

Active User Management and Authorization

Central management of data provide important advantages as to CANIAS ERP integration degree. However, such data flow includes some risks. System users' unauthorized access to data must be prevented. You can define user rights at display fields, database rights as well as working codes starting in application degree on system. In addition, customized displays and menus can also be easily defined through CANIAS ERP system users.

Active Counter Management

Materials, customers, suppliers and documents can clearly be defined with numbers, which are assigned within certain fields named as number ranges according to the conditions prevailing in the relevant corporation. CANIAS ERP allows you to freely define such number ranges particular to the company code. You can either select the number by yourself or let the system select (external/internal assignment).

Customized Menus

In CANIAS ERP System Administration , search screen will be displayed which can be selected according to various searching criteria by available user menus thanks to the system menus application. Here you can specify all menu definitions of system according to the criteria that can be combined in numerous manners. You can record new user-defined menus in one language under the application. Creating user-defined menus help end-user use the system more effectively and comfortably.

Business Calendar

You can prepare business calendars for your company thanks to CANIAS ERP System Administration . You can define normal working times and occasions with these calendars and enable all modules use this central data.

System Diary

A logging application that include login and application information of users is available for users.

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