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DEV - TROIA Software Development Tools

TROIA is an Internet based complete software development environment composed of assembly tools, interpretation tools and various integrated tools we have designed with the aim of developing platform independent business applications and enterprise resource planning software. Our main software product CANIAS ERP has been developed entirely with TROIA.

TROIA has been developed by IAS; it is easy to learn and use with its simplified command set and interface design; it is flexible since it is independent from factors such as database and operating system; and it is also powerful and scalable with its modular and object oriented structure.

With its 100 % Java infrastructure, TROIA can easily integrate with other Internet applications and it presents a complete development environment for your company. Internet based development environment, which can be accessed from anywhere, removes time and place limitations and maximizes productivity.

CANIAS ERP - %100 Java Based Infrastructure

Control your development process

The TROIA Hotline Management System controls all development processes from the design stage to the implementation of the application. Everything, from project task distribution to corrections and modifications made throughout development, is recorded. The first step of development with TROIA is the Hotline record.

Develop an interface in minutes

The dialogues and reports used in the CANIAS ERP system can easily be changed and new dialogues and reports can be formed with the standard interface designer of TROIA and the drag and drop components that are part of this designer. The changes that are made can immediately be transferred to the active system.

Use the advantages of object oriented programming

With the Class Administrator development tool, classes, which are the basis of object-oriented development, can be created or changes can be made on existing classes. With the heritage support included in TROIA, new classes can be built on existing classes.

Develop your own reports

With the report designer in the TROIA development environment you can rapidly and easily design your own visual reports. You can have the generated reports as PDF documents and print in the environment you prefer.

Receive immediate help

When developing applications with TROIA you have recourse to interactive help from anywhere and you can receive support regarding commands and functions. Syntax, explanations, examples and tips regarding the commands and functions in TROIA will be displayed immediately.

Design platform-independent database

With ODBA database administrator, you can manage database components you use in the application development process such as the table index, from within the TROIA platform with the help of visual tools. Transporting tables and data within the same or between different database systems without damaging structure and integrity is another function of ODBA.

Customize the standard applications according to your requirements

The CANIAS ERP software is presented to our customers with the source code; therefore it allows you to change applications according to company requirements. The dynamic orientation system within TROIA allows the newly created classes and dialogues to be used without changing existing classes and dialogues. This protects the standard codes while allowing personal/institution specific changes.

Evade errors that may occur during development

Coding errors that may occur during development can be determined with the TROIA code trace system and errors in the application can be reduced to a minimum.


An inseparable part of the CANIAS ERP platform is the multi-language support, with which any type of screen or message can easily be translated into any language without need for redevelopment. Each user will be able to see the relevant screens and messages in the language of the session, and the user will be able to have the reports in the preferred language. With Unicode and UTF8 support, many languages including eastern languages are supported.

 The Advantages of TROIA  
  • Distributed development architecture
  • Platform independent development environment
  • Object oriented, component and class based code development
  • Fast and easy interface design
  • Easy integration
  • Immediate transfer of developed applications to runtime environment

  • Three Layered Architecture
    • Minimization of system requirements and maintenance costs using Thin Clients
    • High performance/price rate with operating system independent scalable application server
    • Low network traffic and high performance over the internet with optimized transmission algorithms
    • Easy to manage secure network infrastructure and SSL support
    • Central application server and shared database available from everywhere and with all types of clients
  • 100 % Java compatible design
    • Operating system independence both server and client side minimizes total cost of ownership and maintenance expenses
    • Compatibility with all database servers
  • Flexible accessibility options
    • Server accessibility over local area network (LAN), wide area network (WAN) and Internet (Leased Line, Dial-up, ADSL, GPRS.)
    • SSL and VPN support
    • Access with mobile devices (PDA, Mobile phone.)
    • XML and EDI support
    • Full integration with Web Services (HTTP, WSDL and UDDI support)
    • Integration with your web page using JSP
  • Security options
    • Isolation of database with three layered architecture
    • Unique communication protocol
    • Secure authentication with radius protocol
    • Authentication with Smart card
    • VPN support
    • Configurable SSL support
  • System Administration and Maintenance
    • Manage your application server from everywhere with web-based management console
    • Simple and understandable configuration file
    • All transactions carried out by application server
    • Easy installation, update and back-up
    • Central update of all clients with one operation and no need for back-up and recovery on client-side thanks to web-based client-side
    • Advanced user rights management
    • Advanced event log options
  • Other
    • PDF, HTML, plain text report generation
    • Document generation compatible with other office applications
  • Unique programming language TROIA
    • Fast, simple and low cost application development
    • Easy update of client specific codes with object-oriented programming support
    • Visually integrated development environment
    • Multilingual
    • Open source code
    • Easy-to-use report development tool
    • User friendly interface
    • Interactive help
    • Code tracking and logging
    • Hotline

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CANIAS ERP - Architecture

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