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INV - Inventory Management


A modern inventory management system must provide constantly updated data concerning stock in hand.

Integration into an overall System

The inventory management module is support tool for your inventory control, which is completely integrated into the CANIAS ERP System. Its inventory documents are used by the financial accounting, product costing or various statistical analysises. The updating of inventory data takes place simultaneously, so the current inventory data is available to all other CANIAS ERP System modules as soon as a material movement has been recorded. This constantly updated inventory information guarantees the most accurate material requirement planning (MRP) and production control.

Check tables

The check tables component of every element of the CANIAS ERP System improves both integration and user comfort to a great extent. By these, data from every area of the company's activities can be filed and handled appropriately. The check tables of the Inventory Management Module control, for example, which stock areas have been counted and which entries are made in the recording of a material movement with the help of Transaction Types.

Material movements

This application is the heart of the Inventory Management Module. With its help, material movement can be recorded immediately, and with the Transaction Type function you can control the material movements which have to be recorded. CANIAS ERP System offers the following transaction types as standard:
  • Receipt of Goods on purchase or production order or cost center
  • Issue of Goods on delivery note/production order/Cost Center/BOM (collective --withdrawal)
  • Stock transfers between warehouses/plants
  • Transfer among stocks, for example quality control about available stocks
These Transaction Types apply to both normal and special stock.

Example: Goods issue on delivery note
For goods issued on delivery note, the delivery note corresponding to the goods issue is selected. Then, if necessary, each item on the delivery note can be modified. After modification, the entry is closed. Following this, the stock fields defined by the Transaction Type are revised and updated. In addition to the delivery note, new GI-quantities and GI status are entered.

CANIAS ERP - Inventory Management

Goods receipt upon purchase order

After the entry the stock in hand is corrected, inventory accounting documents are printed and the order is placed. The updating of the goods receipt can also be displayed in a production order by using a function key. Goods issue/goods receipt documents can be displayed immediately after being recorded or whenever they are required.

Stocks and documents

The Stocks and Documents application offers a differentiated, online overview of current inventory data and documents concerning recorded material movements. The stock can be categorized at
  • plant level
  • warehouse level and
  • special stock level
This information can further be differentiated according to available, unvalued, suspended and quality-control blocked stock.

This permits the clearest representation of plant and store stock data.

Countable special stocks of any quantity can be attached to every store. This guarantees the flexible management of
  • batch
  • consignment stocks
  • customer-specific stocks
  • empties, ect..

Displaying material movements

All merchandise movement data for a product are kept in the CANIAS ERP System, and so it is possible to keep chronological records of all the material movements for a given product.

Inventory adjustment

This application permits a swift and clear overview of stock inventories. The inventory can be carried out either
  • continuously or
  • on a deadline basis

To take an inventory, an inventory list of present stock specific to the store in question must be issued. Simultaneously, stock to be inventoried must be frozen, and all access to it must be denied. After ascertaining actual stocks with the help of stocklists, this information is recorded in the CANIAS ERP System.

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