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BAS - Check Tables and Basic Data

Basic applications include Check Tables and Basic Data, material main records, customer and supplier records and other applications where data that underlie CANIAS ERP system are entered into the system and checked, i.e. managed.

Check Tables and Basic Data

System Check Tables and Basic Data are where basic properties of an enterprise are defined. Most of fields where data are entered are checked with Check Tables and Basic Data in all applications of CANIAS ERP. System integration and user facility are subsequently increased thanks to these tables available in CANIAS ERP system. Use of Check Tables and Basic Data enable recording data used in more than one application in the company into a single center. Therefore, the cost of repeatedly entering the same record and possible mistakes occurring thereby are avoided. Data are recorded from a single place so that data consistence is guaranteed. Briefly, these tables provide the user with two significant functions such as:

Checking Function: All information about data managed by Check Tables and Basic Data are checked with Check Tables and Basic Data meaning that any information not included in these Check Tables and Basic Data will not be allowed to the system and erroneous data input will be prevented.

Focusing Function:

When cursor is within an any data input field marked with a gray triangle on the right upper corner, right clicking the mouse, i.e. "focusing" that field enables direct transition to support table related to the field and data relating to such field can be selected on support table displayed by left clicking the mouse. Thanks to focusing function, necessary data is immediately transmitted to the end-user without any loss of time by entering the data on keyboard and time is saved therefore.

Customer/Supplier Main Records

Certain applications that underlie CANIAS ERP solution are gathered under the main applications topic. The application that include basic information for flow of necessary information to the finance module debt accounts and receivable accounts directly used in purchase and sales modules under CANIAS ERP software is customer/supplier main records.

In customer/supplier main records, the following data are recorded and followed that are required and underlie the other applications with regard to various customers, sellers and suppliers you're your company is in relation with for purchase and sales:
  • Relations with Customer/Supplier
  • Accounting basic data
  • Discounts/increases
  • Bank info
  • Address info
  • Info about related persons
  • Notes and
  • Agent info

Material Main Records

Material main records application enable that basic data of all materials including raw materials, semi-finished products that are processed/to be processed within the system are managed under CANIAS ERP basic applications. Material Main Records consist of all information about the materials used. Central management of such data is of great importance to the company for data integration. Any change on records of any material that has been previously entered affect the entire system.

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