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QLT - Quality Control

In today's competitive environment, it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain customer satisfaction. This calls for you to always monitor and improve the quality of your products and services. As soon as the raw materials designated for use in the manufacturing of your products arrive at your facilities, you should determine whether they meet associated specifications, and you should track the manufacturing defects associated with these materials, which may either be due to the materials themselves or due to the manufacturing processes used. Only in this manner can you deliver an end-product manufactured to customer expectations.

With CANIAS ERP Quality Assurance module you can.

Stop Quality Problems at the Door

At the time the purchased materials are being accepted into your warehouse, you can perform quality assurance checks with CANIAS ERP Quality Assurance module, based on the criteria specified in the materials data record and sample planning. Based on the quality checks, the system will help you issue a decision on whether the materials can be used in production. The application for quality assurance checks for materials acceptance provides for the appropriate sample counts to be determined based on sample planning, and reduces the likelihood of errors by automatically presenting the user with the related instructions, technical diagrams and other documents.

In addition, the application for quality assurance checks for materials acceptance allows you to:
  • Hold in quality inventory the materials that have been purchased but which have not yet been checked for quality assurance.
  • Transfer to general purpose inventory the materials that have undergone quality assurance checks.
  • Transfer to rejected inventory the materials that have failed quality assurance checks, and to enable return processing to proceed.
As a result, the processes for accepting suitable materials for use in production and rejecting non-conforming materials for return to suppliers will be placed under control.

Monitor the Performance of Your Suppliers

With CANIAS ERP Quality Assurance module, you will be able to track the compliance of your suppliers to the purchasing and quality assurance criteria that you have established within your purchasing processes, and allow you to direct your respective strategies accordingly.

Catch Problems Before They Occur

With CANIAS ERP Quality Assurance module, you will be able to monitor on a continuous fashion the quality assurance criteria required to be tracked as part of the production processes you are using, and detect issues that are likely to result in defects. At the same time, you may observe production quality by performing quality assurance checks following critical operations, and assure that the products you manufacture are meeting their quality assurance criteria.

 Comprehensive Functionality  
  • Materials acceptance into quality inventory
  • Rapid entry of control results
  • Sample counts calculation based on Sample Planning
  • Automatic entry of Quality Assurance instructions and diagrams through Document Management module based on designated criteria
  • Materials transfers per decision statements
  • Returned goods
  • Data integration for use in supplier evaluations
  • Correlation of production operations (routes) and quality assurance criteria
  • Entry of metrics measurement results during job completion approvals
  • Process control using control cards
  • Report on acceptances pending control
  • Decision statement (Accept, Deny)
  • Criteria lists as part of purchasing reports
  • Control diagrams (X, R, standard deviation)
  • Control criteria list as part of the job orders report
  • Metrics results list as part of the approval report
  • Flexible and detailed reporting


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