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ASS - Fixed Assets Accounting

Fixed assets of your corporation bear financial value throughout their economical lives. Fixed assets influence your accounting transactions until their lifetimes are over with depreciation and revaluation actions in basic. Amendments on legislation in particular associated with inflation accounting made it difficult to follow financial functions of fixed assets. In addition, the following reasons are also difficulties for fixed asset actions:
  • Transacting fixed assets in different periods within a year
  • Using different methods of depreciation for different types of fixed assets
  • Changing the depreciation method throughout the lifetimes of some fixed assets
  • Difficulty of using revaluation and inflation correction coefficients in mathematical operations
  • Following fixed asset operations with numerical terms large in number and the difficulty of reporting arising there from.
We created CANIAS ERP Fixtures Accounting Module to enable to overcome the above difficulties and to offer a "flawless" solution.

You can follow fast and reliably your fixed assets due to CANIAS ERP Fixtures Accounting Module and you can enable easy accounting for fixed asset operations.

It is possible to group fixed assets for different types and correlate by defining different methods of depreciation within the module. You can change depreciation module by time. You can independently realize revaluation or inflation correction operations according to the respective companies.

Accounting records regarding revaluation, inflation correction and depreciation allotment for the fixed assets are automatically created thanks to fixed assets module.

You do not have to make an addition operation on finance module for fixed asset operations as fixed assets module directly work in an integration with finance module.

 Comprehensive Functionality  
  • Fixture follow up under holding defined with corporation code and entity code
  • Possibility to code sub-grouping for the follow up of partial investments
  • Defining different depreciation methods based on the type of fixture
  • Defining revaluation method based on the type of fixture
  • Differentiation of revaluation and inflation correction coefficients
  • Grouping different types of fixed assets
  • Differentiation of accounting operations for fixed asset groups
  • Ability to change depreciation method
  • Ability to independently perform revaluation and inflation correction operations according to the company scale
  • Viewing fixed asset data in graphics
  • Collective transfer of fixed asset data
  • Performing fixed asset operations in different currencies
  • List of general fixed assets
  • Revaluation rates
  • Depreciation differentiation reports
  • Fixed asset summary reports
  • Reports issued for different fixed assets


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