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EDI - Electronic Data Interchange

Take your place rapidly in e-business world with CANIAS ERP Electronic Data Interchange Module

Business world is still communicating with paper documents between corporations. This causes mistakes and inevitable delays due to manual input of the same data in different systems. Abundance of manual processes affects the efficiency of employees. EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Systems, which enable electronic transfer of data from one system to another, are more commonly used as a solution of such kind of problems.

You can also take your place rapidly in e-business world with CANIAS ERP Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) module. You will work integrated and simultaneously with your customers and suppliers thanks to CANIAS ERP Electronic Data Interchange Module and find new ways to make business.

You can perform your data communication through generally adopted and commonly used standards thanks to CANIAS ERP EDI module. Therefore, you can make data interchange with all customers, suppliers, dealers, service providers, B2B portals and banks, which have adapted their software to these standards, through EDI module. If your entity is in a holding configuration, you can easily manage integration between entities.

CANIAS ERP EDI module supports many EDI standards commonly used such as EDIFACT/EANCOM, X12, VDA as well as XML based standards i.e. OpenTrans, UBL. In addition, it is easy to define newly created or company-customized standards. Data interchange can be performed through many transport methods such as Web Service, Email, FTP, SQL, which can be manually or automatically performed. All kinds of interchange documents can be obtained retrospectively.

CANIAS ERP EDI Module is the most economical way to EDI. It is easy to use. It boosts efficiency and data verification. It allows you save telephone, fax, courier and etc. costs based on paper and increases customer satisfaction by shortening the time between ordering to shipment. It makes advantage in competition.

Processes within the entity or available in other entities can be transferred to electronic media and improved thanks to CANIAS ERP EDI. New processes, which are expensive to apply in conventional methods, can easily be realized with great advantage of competition. A full automation can be applied on processes. CANIAS ERP EDI offers acceleration in processes, decrease in costs and thereby advantage of competition.

 Comprehensive Functionality  
  • Supports all XML/EDI standards
  • Types of transport
    • Integration through web service
    • File (txt, csv, pdf ...)
    • E-Mail
    • ftp
    • DB script

  • Types of protocol
    • Opentrans
    • UBL
    • ebXML
    • X12
    • ODETTE
    • VDA

  • List of all kinds of data interchange retrospectively
    • Electronic documents
    • Electronic product tree
    • Electronic route
    • Electronic offer demand
    • Electronic offer
    • Electronic order
    • Electronic order approval
    • Electronic order change
    • Electronic delivery notification
    • Electronic delivery approval
    • Electronic invoice


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