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BOM - Product Tree Management


The data in Bills of Materials (BOM) must be clear and easy to record. Any changes should be carried out without excessive costs and be restorable at any time.

Integration into an overall program

The CANIAS ERP Bills of Materials are completely integrated into the System and support:
  • The procurement of materials at the optimum time (Material Requirement Planning (MRP) module)
  • The placing of production orders (Production Planning and Control (PPC) Module)
  • The issue of goods (Inventory Management Module)

Single level Product Tree Management

The central concept of the CANIAS ERP Product Tree Management Module is the Single Level Product Tree Management. Complex production structures can be displayed clearly and simply through multiple shifting of the single level Product Tree Management.

The single Level Product Tree Management contains both header and item data. The header data states which material the BOM is relevant to, its status and the department responsible for this particular BOM.

The item data describes the components, the amount used and the utilization of this item in other modules.

Reference Product Tree Management

Reference BOMs are single level bills of materials which have not yet been attached to a material master record. They can be used as the basis for the creation of a Product Tree Management.

Alternative Product Tree Management

It is occasionally necessary to define different BOM's for a material for different business contexts. The Alternative Product Tree Management provides this service.

Multiple Product Tree Management

The multiple BOM concept aids the management of a variety of similar BOMs (variant problem). Common components of similar BOMs are recorded in a 'Reference BOM-M' while components specific to individual BOMs are recorded in a separate 'Single Level BOM-M'. In this way, the BOM of a given material consists of a combination of data referring to common and individual components.

The advantage of this function is that changes of (data regarding) common components need only be carried out in the Reference BOM-M.

Bom structure explosion

The Structure Explosion enables the display of BOM's at various levels of explosion.

History management

Bills of Materials are normally accessed according to production or procurement deadlines. The History Management function allows several types of BOM to be managed simultaneously, and can be operated according to the needs of the customer. If the History Management function is operating, every modification will be restorable; however, if the History Management function is off, old data will be deleted.

Product Tree Management analysis

With the Product Tree Management Analysis function, BOM's are evaluated according to criteria set by the user and if it is necessary, the results may be printed.

Where used list

For components which are common to several BOMs, the Where-Used List will display all of the BOMs which are relevant to the item.

Product Tree Management substitute component

For a variety of reasons, collective modifications which affect all BOM's in a system are to be avoided. The CANIAS ERP System includes a Substitute Component Application with which one BOM component can be replaced by another. This replacement component can then be transferred to other BOM's as necessary.

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