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CAP - Capacity Planning

Boost your capacity to promise your customer.

Charting problem is a hard one. It is not possible to solve these problems by trying and mistaking in real life because as our production volume increases, the size of problem grows non-polynomially, i.e. as the number of works to do increases, our problem gets more complicated. It is possible to find the most closest solution to optimal only by use of academically developed and proven heuristic algorithms.

Capacity planning and advanced charting module designed for solving this very hard problem is one of the most crucial parts of CANIAS ERP supporting its thesis of "flawless".


The Business Charts Closest to Ideal with Capacity Planning and Advanced Charting Module (CAP)

Thanks to our CANIAS ERP capacity planning and advanced charting module we can obtain business charts closest to ideal by planning production work orders recorded under our system with deterministic simulation method. The chart we will obtain will help us determine sensitively on minute basis the works to be performed by each of our work center. Main features of module will help us to urgently program operations and work centers under the management of company. We can restart the application at the beginning of each day and produce revised program of the day. If our machine breaks down or there is no suitable material, we can restart the application at any time and observe how the program changes and define the measures to be taken.

During installation we have to define priority rules as to the production and sales structure of your corporation. Therefore, work orders recorded under the system are charted according to the priority rule considering the statuses of work orders and operations without violating the route of products. Charting function generated in the basis of Giffler and Thompson Algorithm (1960) produces active charts. Consequently, we can reach one of the most closest results to ideal according to the performance criteria based on priority rule.

System makes necessary arrangements considering the capacity status for any change on quantity or date in ordering or production orders. Work orders charted will substantially help you defining delivery dates in the short time and following such times by evaluating the sources available, results and reports to be obtained from the module such as "Machine Load Report", "Work Load Report" and "Programs Planned for Day and Shift". This means increasing "your capacity to promise" to customer.

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