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CAL - Manufacturing Cost Accounting

CANIAS ERP product costing is an independent application indispensable for overhead expenses and reference value computations. The user of this application decides which account configurations to use so that he is enabled to actualize his own ideas about product costing. The user allows real and expected incomes flow into those items included in the invoice in addition to the costs.

The user may customize account configurations and modes. Computation plan is modularly stable, i.e. a unit created may be utilized in as many versions as requested by the user. Each version can be copied or modified. If Routing Info and Product Trees are included into the accounts, data that is valid on a certain date and entered therein are directly transferred to computations and does not have to be uploaded to the accounts again and again.

Integration to the entire system

Basic data of accounts are kept in account plant. The user should enter each line to the account plan.
  • which first-in cost elements to be transferred to the accounts (basing on Routing Information or Product Trees)
  • which overhead expenses to be added into which costs
  • which operations to be used in data


Should a cost element flow on a line? The user chooses cost element, account as a cost component.

Should a certain overhead expense range be inserted into a determined cost element value? The user may solely feed within the boundaries of overhead expenses. If the user decided to make the values over the other line, this should be performed through known ways: Entering formulas in line numbers, operator and values.

Overhead expense rates

The user shall define overhead expenses and provide along with the names. Henceforth such overhead expenses may be used in different account versions: the same record does not require to be repeated more than once. Overhead expenses are defined according to the following plan.


Accordingly, variable and fixed overhead expenses are gathered according to fixed and variable costs.

Routing Info

Accounts may be accessed the most efficiently through routing info and Product Tree data. The user should specify cost elements to be classified in account line. System decides on cost components to be used basing on routing information relating to cost elements indicated on support table areas. Time waste is evaluated with cost rates of related cost centers and finally values are included in account line. Here system discriminates between variable and fixed costs.

Cost components, supplied exclusively for this purpose, are included into the accounts. Additional marks define variability of lot magnitude of an activity.

Product tree data

Computation continues with evaluating Product Tree data in the same manner with routing info. The user should specify which cost element to be classified with an account line. Product Tree items relating to cost element specified are defied on system support table areas. Material consumption is evaluated with the prices on main records of materials. The user may adjust whether to distribute a product tree in a single level or multiple level. Distribution on multiple level means recalculation of the lowest levels of product tree. As in routing module, it is computed only with regard to Product Tree items necessary. Variable lot amount selection is also possible on product trees.

Computations including plan, item and detail screens

First of all a topic should be indicated for computation. Topic contains total price calculated, account rates and other important corporate data and divided into two, fixed and variable. While indicating an account plan, account line lists should be made out to contain fixed and variable prices. The user may select any line he requests as well as related items. Items are displayed as either routing or Product Tree items.

If the user requests to see the detailed data of any item, he can use detailed display data for each item. Furthermore, all items can be seen on product costing screen.


If any change occurs on related data with regard to in-corporate computations (for example material prices or routes), all affected account should be reconfigured. For this purpose, Net-Variation application has been developed to recalculate those programs affected by such changes in main data. Thereby, time waste and repetition of simple accounts have been minimized.

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