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BSC - Balanced Scorecards

In enterprises, which are living organisms, the most important rational goals are to increase productivity and realize permanent improvements in the business. Reviewing results are just as important as setting goals in an enterprise. Converting goals into numbers so that they can be saved for forecasts and retrospective analysis is important to allow healthy decisions to be made with ease. For businesses that set and use goals need numbers and means to compare them. For businesses, being able to evaluate how well they have achieved their goals, is an important factor in their ability to be successful. This in turn makes monitoring of results and their comparison against goals, that much more important. Business evaluate their strategic planning based on the outcome of results from these evaluations.

In companies that cannot carry out such evaluations, it becomes impossible to monitor in a clear manner the results of operations. As a result, the necessary changes in strategic planning fails to be performed in a timely manner. Business, where conventional systems are believed to be sufficient, are unaware of their losses or potential gains as they do not employ quantitative measurement methods. The productivity within departments cannot be discovered in a true manner. This results in internal dissent within the enterprise.

The CANIAS ERP Balanced Scorecard application module allows your business to define periodic goals and limits, and it either updates these values automatically or allows you to update them manually, and provides for reports generation on the results. You can define different goals and limits for different operations in your business, and monitor the performance of departments or individuals. At the same time, you can track details of interest by defining them in the Balanced Scorecard Tree structure as upper and lower level scorecards, or monitor aggregates through upper level scorecards that are comprised of lower level details. You can arrange for all data that can be measured numerically, both residing in the system database or an external database, to be automatically transferred to Balanced Scorecard results, and calculate periodic scores automatically to generate reports. The reports can be observed through system screens and the Balanced Scorecard Tree can be viewed in detail.

 Comprehensive Functionality  
  • Ability to maintain goals and limits as data
  • Creating Balanced Scorecard Tree, and displaying the same on a periodic basis
  • Viewing upper level and lower level scorecards within the Balanced Scorecard Tree
  • Ability to obtain separate reporting for periodic analysis
  • Ability to monitor and report on performance of departments and of individuals
  • Manual input of data or automated data acquisition
  • Data acquisition from external sources

Balanced Scorecard applications automatically input data used in other CANIAS ERP modules for calculation of results. Therefore Balanced Scorecard module integrates with all other CANIAS ERP modules.

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