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BUD - Budget Management

 Comprehensive Functionality  
  • Budget inputs independent on units in numerous amounts
  • Defining estimated exchange rates for budget in system and reporting in required currency
  • Planning according to estimated demands for future periods through deterministic methods
  • Defining seasonal distribution coefficients in system and distributing annual total amounts to be budgeted at the rate of coefficients
  • Benefiting from data in system and creating sales budget in customer basis or without customer
  • Taking advantage of valid pricing policies in system during budgeting
  • Integrating MRP with budget optionally after producing sales budget
  • Creating production budget automatically over sales budget
  • Reviewing capacity reports for analyzing production feasibility
  • Automatically producing semi-finished product, raw material, outsourcing and activity budgets from production budget
  • Inputting income-outcome budgets independent on finance budget
  • Distributing between cost centers over budgeted outcomes
  • Calculating budgeted unit activity costs
  • Automatically creating data to be taken from other budgets for finance budget
  • Manual data input in all budget screens
  • Comparison of planned real budget
  • Hierarchic approval mechanism between budgets
  • Discount inputs, gross and net comparisons in sales budget
  • Instantaneous budget values for updated periods
  • Personal sales target analyses in sales personnel basis
  • Simultaneous comparison of budget, realized, revised budgets in budget reports


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