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DOC - Document Management

Stop getting lost in papers

Document management module can be assessed as an electronic document archive of a company: Company archives those documents issued during activities and make them accessible by users. Document management systems are integral parts of modern ERP systems as a basic function of data management.

CANIAS ERP document management module enables optimal maintenance of all kinds of data. Common forms and processing features are also applied to reports produced. Therefore, CANIAS ERP produces and processes all data in PDF format.

In addition to preview and print functions, this format enables attaching such documents to an e-mail and or transferring through computer fax.

 Thanks to Document Management Module  
  • You can keep those documents, which flow into the system from within or outside the corporation, in a magnetic media and access at any time and any place.
  • You can relate all official documents with those created by the system.
  • You can provide access control and security for documents with authorization levels.
  • You can equip a document with permanence, accessibility and continuity.

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