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CLB - Conduct your corporate communications and plans with CANIAS ERP Collaborator

Your company is growing and your number of employees is constantly increasing. Many people have to be in constant communication and work in teams. It is becoming increasingly difficult to prepare personal plans and to fit them to the company agenda.

It is very difficult but necessary to organize and provide communication for so many people. E-mail traffic has increased. E-mails from clients are stored in personal computers and cannot be accessed when most required. If precautions are not taken for these vital issues, you will face many problems.
  • Non-corporate e-mail communication
  • Irregularities in internal activity plans
  • Irregular use of corporate resources
  • Groupware software not integrated with ERP (e-mail, agenda, task activity)
  • Valuable time lost in coordination
are some of the problems you will face.

With CANIAS ERP Collaborator you can keep your personal and company agendas, control your e-mail traffic, plan company resources and enable communication among employees. In brief, you can manage all company communication from a single point.

Take control of your e-mail.

Lost customer e-mails or e-mails you cannot access when you require can become extremely embarrassing in customer relations. Corporate e-mail exchange carries important information for your company. Collaborator archives your e-mails. These e-mails can be tracked on the CRM module on a customer basis. Do not confine this valuable information in personal computers, institutionalize it and keep it in an integrated system. Following many operations, you may want to send standard e-mails to clients or employees. With integration all modules that require e-mail communication such as Document Management, Service-Maintenance Management, EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), BSC (Balanced Scorecard) use the e-mail application actively. Benefit from the speed and ease provided by automatic e-mail technology.

Plan your work.

You have regular daily tasks. Customers that must be tracked, periodic or emergency meetings, people you have to call, tens of tiny details fill up your days. How can you cope? Let the personal agenda management application help you. You can enter your tasks directly to CANIAS ERP Collaborator, and data that creates actions for you due to operations carried out in all ERP modules will show up directly on your agenda. Make your daily, weekly and monthly plans over Collaborator in all detail.

Play a team game.

The chance of success for companies that do not play the team game and do not have an effective task allocation is decreasing fast. However, due to the increase in employee numbers and the fact that team members are placed in different locations the situation becomes insoluble under normal conditions. The chance of success of a disjointed team, unaware of each other's actions is low. Provide coordination among employees with the CANIAS ERP Collaborator company agenda. Corporate activities may be observed through the agenda so you can see what your colleagues are doing. To coordinate their teams, managers must know very well what the team members are doing. The team must also be able to communicate directly through the system. The company agenda of CANIAS ERP Collaborator will become an indispensable tool of managers and teams.

Organize your resources.

The organized use of company resources is becoming difficult with the increase in employee numbers. You will either increase resources to create inessential costs or your employees will not have access to resources at certain times although they require them. With CANIAS ERP Collaborator, it is possible to reserve resources such as automobiles, meeting rooms, PCs, notebooks, projection devices. Allow your employees to consider resources when they plan.

Create your personal entry page.

There may be data you want to track throughout the day. Do not lose time searching Internet pages or entering various programs for these. Customize your entry page on CANIAS ERP Collaborator. Experience the ease of seeing all the information and reports you need from the internet, from external software or from your CANIAS ERP system on a single screen, such as exchange rates, stock exchange news, the weather report and financial data and reports of your company.

 Comprehensive Functionality  
  • E-mail accounts tracking integrated and relational with CANIAS ERP.
  • Linking an e-mail or activity with any other operation (another e-mail, project, client, etc.) in the system.
  • Archiving of e-mails in the system.
  • The best, well-organized visual use and tracking of company and personal agendas.
  • Resource tracking
  • The integration of the agenda and the whole system using data objects
  • Tracking of personal tasks and activities.
  • Customizable pages (data extraction from software or internet)
  • Tracking of personal records with other CANIAS ERP modules using the Address Book.
  • E-mail output in PDF and HTML format
  • Detailed reports on Tasks and Activities
  • Fully compatible operation with any mail server (Exchange Server, Lotus Notus.).
  • Different protocol support with POP3 and IMAP.


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