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MNT - Maintenance Management

CANIAS ERP Maintenance Management Module is the integrity of applications which enable planning, realization and recording of activities carried out for the purpose of fixing unexpected breakdowns and performing planned maintenances in certain times for facilities, machinery, other tools and equipment appertaining to the enterprise.


The main target of the module is to minimize any breakdown in facility, machinery and other tools and equipment in continuous production or in particular during process production and to boost the efficiency of production process.


The following functions are available in module contents to reach the above target:
  • Maintenance periods
  • Objects to be maintained
  • Maintenance/repair descriptions
  • Protective maintenance basic info
  • Routine maintenance planning
  • Maintenance work orders
  • Failure notification
  • List of controls

Check Tables and Basic Data

As in all modules of CANIAS ERP, Check Tables and Basic Data in maintenance management module improve system integration and facility to use. Thanks to the check tables used in maintenance management module contents;
  • Period and tolerance definitions to be used in protective maintenance plans,
  • Definition of machine, equipment, work center relation,
  • Preferences for maintenance, repair definitions and priorities are,


Routine Maintenance Planning

These application functions help planning and executing maintenance activities through methods specified at the end of predefined periods without waiting for any breakdown in machinery and equipment. More than one maintenance definition may be specified for each object to be maintained. Priority may be discriminated between them. It is selected in which intervals what maintenance description will be applied and specified how much decrease will occur in the capacity of work center to which the machine is related during maintenance. Latest date of maintenance is observed with logs according to the above definitions.

Maintenance periods may be automatically specified according to the corrosion calculated by the amount of product produced or the using period of machine according to the work order confirmations given to production work orders.

Maintenance Work Orders

Internal maintenance plans created for routine maintenance planning are transformed into maintenance work order by maintenance department when the decision is certain and planned and commenced as work orders in Production Planning and Control Modul. Tabularizing, material output from stock, confirmations are realized for such work orders. Therefore, maintenance work order cost can be calculated and uploaded to the cost center of the machine maintained.

External Maintenance Purchase

External maintenance services are suggested as purchase demand by Maintenance Management module. This service is provided by using functions of Purchase Management Modul. Upon completion of external maintenance, related maintenance plan is manually updated.

Breakdown Notification

When a breakdown occurs on a machine or work center, an electronic breakdown notification form is filled into request repair from maintenance department. After these forms are evaluated, repair work order is created for urgent breakdowns and maintenance work order is created for non-urgent ones.

Repairment Work Order

Repair work orders are created against breakdown notifications and managed in the same manner with maintenance work orders.

Periodic Check List

Periodic checks on machines are defined with short explanations and these checks are made with lists on work center basis. Values obtained after checks are inputted into the system and can be reported whenever requested. Such values may be quantitative or non-quantitative but qualitative. breakdown notification is created for breakdowns detected during checks. In cases where values not conforming to criteria ranges specified according to the check results are obtained, automatic breakdown notifications or planned maintenances may be created.

As in all CANIAS ERP modules, maintenance module is in an integrated structure with other modules. To summarize the features of this integration;
  • Spare part and maintenance materials are defined at product trees.
  • Maintenance operations are defined at routes. Machine definition is created in material main records for each kind of machine in work centers. Machine card is opened for each machine.
  • Requirement for spare part and maintenance materials is covered by MRP and supply is planned. MRP considers to make production in that work center for times planned for maintenance.
  • Times planned for maintenance for a certain work center are recorded as occasions of work center as non-working and planned maintenance times are assessed as busy when production check tables are charted.
  • Maintenance costs are directly reflected to production work centers.
  • After maintenance or repair check tables, it can be assured whether the machine is ready for use and correctly calibrated by applying quality control.

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