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EXP - Export Management

Speed up "export periods" through CANIAS ERP Exports Module.

Your export period include issuing exports declarations and exports documents, following exports payments, following exports shipments and all reporting regarding declaration. We mostly encounter the following frequent problems:
  • Too much time loss in issuing exports documents
  • Variability of exports documents basing on customers and customers' countries
  • Failure to regularly follow payment
  • Delay in shipments
  • Failure to make reporting about declarations
While generating CANIAS ERP Exports Module, we aimed at finding solutions to such problems frequently encountered in exports management.

Exports declarations in CANIAS ERP Exports Module are issued on waybills indicating that the goods are ready to be shipped in reference with export order. Price information entered into export order as well as weight and packing information entered into export waybills are automatically transferred to export declarations so that double recording is prevented. Declaration is calculated by the system according to FOB, insurance and transportation costs, type of declaration by price and delivery terms. Regarding incited declaration items, the amount of incitement of the goods to be imported can also be controlled by entering an incitement number.

Exports documents that vary on customers and customers' country (export invoice, packing list, EURO1, ATR, bill of lading, certificate of origin and etc.) are issued specially for the customer so that it is much more easier to issue the same export documents for the same customers.

Transportation, customs and other costs that may occur in accordance with export declarations are entered into the system by using purchase invoice controlling module and referring to the declaration items. Therefore, costs incurred for the declaration can be reported.

Eximbank shipment notification forms can be easily issued thanks to eximbank information entered into the main logs of the customer. Bank payments by customer as well as drawing of such payment can be entered into the system and any payment, drawing, declaration balances and utilizable balances can be easily followed based on the declarations.

When the goods to be exported are ready for shipment, they are entered into the ready warehouse and when export documents are ready, they exit from the ready warehouse and the situation of goods can easily be followed.


Thanks to CANIAS ERP Exports Module, you can subsequently save time in issuing exports documents. Exports documents that vary on customer and country will be easily managed. Follow up and reporting of exports costs as well as follow up and reporting of exports payments will be extremely facilitated.

Eximbank shipment notice forms will be easily issued. Our module will be helpful in following and planning shipments executed or to be executed. Transport performance report may be obtained by using exports module on shipments.

 Comprehensive Functionality  
  • Defining export documents basing on customer
  • Follow up of export costs
  • Follow up of export payments
  • Follow up of export shipment
  • Eximbank shipment notice forms
  • Cost follow-up report
  • Export payments report
  • Shipment report
  • Transport performance report


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