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OLP - OLAP Tables and Queries

In addition to capturing and storing data, producing meaningful reports using the same data is of utmost importance for businesses. Towards this end, many businesses use a variety of systems, and many more look for additional solutions when they discover that the same systems fall short when cross-system queries are required.

One of the querying tools supported by CANIAS ERP is the OLAP Tables and Queries module. You can design new tables using this application and pull in data from other tables into it. When forming your OLAP queries, you can use both your own tables and the tables provided by the system. Especially in cases of queries involving large data sets, OLAP tables allow you to simplify the data so that queries can take less time to run. The query input screen has been designed so that users can create their own queries, or edit and use previously-created queries. You can save queries and re-run them later. The application allows the query results to be displayed both in tabular form and as graphical displays.

 Comprehensive Functionality  
  • Ability to create summary tables, and to transfer data from other tables
  • Ability to query both summary tables and system tables
  • Ability to create cross-queries
  • Ability to save queries and run them at a later date
  • Ability to view results in tabular form or as graphical display

Data stored in other CANIAS ERP modules are available for queries through the OLAP module. You may also use such data to form your own OLAP tables and run your queries against these custom tables. OLAP applications work in an integrated fashion with the rest of the CANIAS ERP modules.

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