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2006 saw 3,500 more end-users start using CANIAS ERP

January 2007 - IAS Turkey

IAS far exceeded the growth goals it had set for itself at the beginning of 2006, and finished the year with a 60% growth in sales volume, adding 3,500 more end-users to its rolls in the process.

A number of innovative and advanced features has made CANIAS ERP the preferred choice for companies, such as a system architecture that is much more flexible compared with other enterprise software products, the TROIA development environment, CRM, a functionality not typically included as a standard option by other vendors, advanced scheduling and optimization, OLAP, EDI, and SMS management. With deployments at companies large and small, an additional 3,500 more end-users have started using CANIAS ERP in 2006.

Within 2006, Yunsa, leading name in the textile sector, Teknik Plastics, Sakarya University, NWG Services, Saglam Metal Processing, Feral Panels and Radiators, Gruppo Tourism Management, Samson Test and Measurement Products, Celmak Architectural Machinery, Cemdag Lighting, Ok Kardesler Truck Parts, Akcamer Marble and Steel Industries, Simsekler Fire Extinguishers, Yaltes Electronic and Information Systems, Yaris Cabinet I ndustries, and Ar-Can Machinery are some of the new CANIAS customers from Turkey. In Europe, EMKA Beschlagteile GmbH & Co, Doyma GmbH & Co, HFP Bandstahl GmbH & Co, OWP Brillen GmbH, H.F. Kettenbaum GmbH, and DB-Print GmbH have decided to trust their business processes to CANIAS ERP.

In a recap of the year 2006, Ahmet Oturgan, Director of Sales and Marketing for IAS Turkey, said: "In 2006, we have gained new customers in both Turkey and Europe, from small companies with 5 users to large scale enterprises with 500 users. We have started implementation activities at Yunsa, two of the leading names within the textile sector in Turkey. On both implementations, our teams are working around the clock. These deployments will be reference projects in Turkey for ERP use within the textile sector. Indeed, we are already fielding inquiries from sources in other countries who are monitoring the developments. We place great importance in bringing these projects to completion within 2007".

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