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Another Successful Annual IAS Germany Customer Appreciation Day Held

March 2007 - IAS Turkey

The innovative capabilities of CANIAS ERP took center stage this year as well at the 6th Annual IAS Customer Appreciation Day held on 6 March 2007. The event took place at the Radisson SAS in Karlsruhe, Germany, and attendance was 20% higher compared to last year's event. Presentations on topics signalling new trends in the industry helped make the day a success.

The theme for this year's event was "We Will Increase Your Efficiency", and keeping with the theme, innovative and reliable solutions based on CANIAS ERP were presented. Most of the presentations were conducted on live customer systems accessed directly over the Internet. The following subjects were covered in the morning: CANIAS ERP web portal solution providing access over the Internet, the CANIAS ERP product configurator, project management, and highly automated workflow management and ASP solutions for e-business process management. The afternoon sessions included presentations from IAS technology partners: iSCL based in Switzerland presented solutions incorporating RFID systems, IBM described its Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), and Akudat presented information on its activities relating to data and hardware security.

The event also included lighter moments of fun, and a rope jumping contest was held during the session breaks. Participants put their personal efficiencies to test and competed to qualify for the final round against the best IAS rope jumper.

The success of the event culminated in the signing up of a new IAS customer. This has already been the fourth new customer for IAS in the First Quarter 2007. The very successful day ended with a dinner held after the sessions; information exchange and discussions took place between the participants during the dinner.

The success of this year's 6th Customer Appreciation Day event will surely be a challenge to surpass for the coming year.
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