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High Availability Solution for the Highest Level of Data Security: Less Downtime, More Security

April 2007 - IAS Turkey

As part of an implementation project for a customer, IAS GmbH, in cooperation with its partner Akudat GmbH, created a High Availability solution that uses IBM hardware.

Along with high performance ERP software and an accompanying system architecture, the customer in question also required a High Availability solution supported on its hardware. The CANIAS ERP system from Industrial Application Software GmbH (IAS) is platform-independent and can be run on IBM servers. The performance of the solution was confirmed in tests at IBM's Dusseldorf facilities and demonstrated the outstanding features of CANIAS ERP.

The hardware implementation consists of one IBM blade LS41 system with 8 GB main memory acting as the database server, and 3 IBM blade LS21 systems with 6 GB main memory each, acting together as the application server.

As an insurance factor for protection against the consequences of disasters, a High Availability solution was chosen providing 24/7 system operation. For this customer, round-the-clock availability was essential as it operates 20 branches in Europe, locations in China, India and the U.S., and 14 other locations worldwide.


To achieve redundancy, the hardware components critical to system operation are duplicated in two physically separate locations. It takes between 1 to 2 minutes for the inactive location to come online. In case both of these two locations are put out of service, a remote location exists which serves as yet another level of backup. To provide better performance, load balancing is implemented at the application level.

The systems engineering that has been performed with respect to the MySQL database component of the solution presents an innovation in itself. As expected from the platform-independence nature of CANIAS ERP, the implementation of High Availability using MySQL technology is a first in many aspects.

In this solution, the customer's requirements and objectives have been successfully met:

  • Minimized downtime in case of failure
  • Multiple levels of application backup
  • 24/7 operation
  • Data security implemented through reliable backups

IAS GmbH and its partner Akudat GmbH are proud to have created a technology infrastructure that will be able to cope with future challenges.

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