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May 2007 - IAS Turkey

CANIAS ERP - Elit With an investment of € 250,000 in IAS ERP technology, Elit Cikolata has gained full control over its management processes. Founded in 1924 in the first years of the fledgling Turkish republic, Elit Cikolata today is a leader in its market with 215 personnel and a product mix of more than 200 varieties. The company has been growing constantly since its founding, and with the increase in its business volume and the number of its personnel along with a growing range of products, Elit Cikolata felt the need to implement more precise and efficient controls over its operations, and decided to start using the Canias ERP product from IAS.

Elit Cikolata General Manager Burak Halimoglu mentioned that in the past, they tried to impose control over their processes, but were limited by the capabilities of the off-the-shelf accounting and office software they employed. With Canias ERP, Elit Cikolata transitioned to systematized and orderly operations, in terms of both management and production.

The company obtains 30% of its sales revenue from its export operations, and with its new ERP product, it gains the crucial control mechanisms necessary to evaluate the performance of its suppliers and its sales figures, and to perform analysis over the performance data.

"An ERP Implementation is Similar to a Long-term Marriage"

Elit Cikolata initially placed online the sales, human resources and purchasing modules of the ERP product. In the second phase of the implementation, the accounting, inventory and warehouse management modules were started to be utilized. Next month, the product cost calculation module is planned to be activated, and the two-year implementation project will be completed. Halimoglu likens an ERP project to an ever-lasting and long-term marriage, and says that following the deployment, various applications customized for the company will also be implemented.

Elit Cikolata has started using CRM technology in parallel with its ERP deployment, and its sales personnel in the Anatolian sales region have been inputting customer information, data relating to samples presented to customers, and pricing data into the ERP system using their laptop PC's. Ferhat Konakoglu, Information Technology manager at Elit Cikolata, says that they are finally free of paper-trails and phone-tags, and that productivity has been enhanced. The ERP product’s cost, including the required infrastructure and the database component, is valued at € 250,000.

Mobile Application Planned for Introduction within Two Months

Elit Cikolata, which achieved a 45% annual growth rate for the previous year, now operates in two separate locations. Ferhat Konakoglu said that Elit Cikolata was one of the first 10 companies to start utilizing G. SHDSL communications technology when it was first introduced, and added that "thanks to the symmetrical infrastructure provided by G.SHDSL, the ERP system is fully integrated with the company's Internet and e-mail applications."

For its logistics operations, Elit Cikolata uses the Team Mobile application service provided by the mobile phone operator Turkcell. Vehicle tracking for the company's distribution fleet located in the Anatolian sales region is accomplished with the devices located in the fleet vehicles. Sales verification, access to production data, as well as warehouse and inventory tracking using PDA's are some of the technologies planned for implementation.

Information Technology Scorecard for Elit Cikolata:

  • Number of personnel: 215
  • Number of servers: 7
  • Number of users: 50
  • Number of IT personnel: 2
  • Locations: 2 (including headquarters)
  • Internet access speed: 2 Mbit ADSL, 2 Mbit symmetrical data connection
  • Client PC's: Siemens, HP Operating systems used: Client PC's: Windows XP Professional; Servers: Windows 2003 Server; E-mail server: Linux
  • Applications provided by external resources: Canias ERP provided by IAS; Network management provided by Bimel; Mobile applications provided by Turcell Team Mobile
  • Total cost of ERP: € 250,000

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