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IAS Germany - Customer Day 2008

February 2008 - IAS Germany

IAS Germany - Customer Day 2008 On 27 February the annual IAS Customer Day took place at Radisson SAS Hotel in Karlsruhe/Ettlingen in Germany. This was the 7th year for the well-attended event, which has developed a popular following due to its highly innovative content.

Keeping with the tradition, the Customer Day started with the "CANIAS ERP in Practice" topic, where presentations describe upgrades to and new features in CANIAS ERP. Jörg Zimmermann, IAS senior consultant and an expert in financial topics, presented information on the Finance Module which has recently undergone a complete re-engineering, and also described the changes in the Asset Management Module. This was followed by a presentation on the redesigned CANIAS ERP Quality Management Module, which now boasts a broadened range of new features. Finally, a presentation on the Automated Export System (AES) application which has been developed by and integrated into CANIAS ERP by BEO, a business partner of IAS, which proved to be of great interest to IAS customers, majority of whom are involved in import and export activities.

The afternoon presentations included those from IAS's strategic partners, IBM and MySQL, as well as a success story presented as a customer testimonial. Finally, IAS Director of Development, Tufan Tuncbilek, provided information on the CANIAS ERP system's Manufacturing Execution System technology.

As usual, the day's activities also included entertainment breaks. In the soccer competition, the guests were encouraged to show off their skills against the IAS staff.

The evening champagne reception marked the end of the Customer Day in a relaxed atmosphere with lively conversations. Again, the success of the organization will be a challenge to repeat come next year.

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