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Glowise concludes its third deal in the Middle East for CANIAS ERP

July 2008 - Glowise

Glowise Software Technologies FZ LLC, is all set to conclude its first year of operation in a high winning note. The company had just concluded its 3rd contract for its flagship enterprise resource planning software - CANIAS ERP, with further contracts set to be inked very soon.

"CANIAS is faring pretty well in UAE and the prospects look very encouraging", says Manu Varghese, Business Development Manager of Glowise. "Investors from all over the world are coming to Dubai; the economy is booming and along comes the demand for ERP systems to optimize business processes. In the beginning the international references of CANIAS, most of them end to end industrial automation projects, enabled to instil confidence about the adaptability of CANIAS ERP. Further, the modern technology of CANIAS ERP also convinced these entrepreneurs to invest in a future-proof solution which gives ample scope for growth by virtue of its flexibility to adapt to changing requirements".

As part of the internationalization policy of IAS, the decision to establish an office in UAE - in the commercial hub of an ever increasing economic region - has been proved the right decision. Due to the sound order situation the employees in its Dubai Internet City office has already been extended while further growth is awaited.

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