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CEMEX Cement-Components GmbH introduces ERP-Software

May 2009

Glowise One of the leading manufacturers of concrete components lines up for the future with an application software for resource planning

A respectable investment and a considerable example against the economy crisis: CEMEX Cement-Components GmbH prospectively uses the ERP complete system CANIAS ERP of the system house Industrial Application Software (IAS, Karlsruhe) for the management of all business processes.

The starting shot for the project was in May 2009 and the schedule is ambitious: With the "Going-Live" of the first project milestone on 1st January 2010, the application software will replace meanwhile less appropriate predecessor systems at all headquarters and generate optimized process standards - a good preparation regarding the slightly positive forecasted market development in the construction sector.

"The creation of efficient business processes are a huge effort for a sophisticated company, but an effort, which will pay off for our customers as well as for us", emphasizes Michael Saphörster, Managing Director of CEMEX Cement-Components GmbH. "Already with the decision to the benefit of CANIAS ERP preceded an extremely detailed evaluation process in our business."

From sales department to commercial department, to technological offices, quality management and marketing, up to the decision-making body, more than hundred users will be able to work with the web based ERP software next year: The system enables efficient workflow, from the preparation of an offer through to service management.

CEMEX Cement-Components GmbH is the first customer from the concrete component sector for IAS; hence the standard solution will be provided with individual adaptations. Steffen Rattke, Managing Director of IAS Germany says: "In the future, further customers will benefit from the branch-specific features which will be realized for the CEMEX project."

The array of products from CEMEX comprises double walls, cover systems and solid components. The subsidiary company of CEMEX Germany AG - one of the largest nutrient enterprises in Germany - operates factories and sales offices in Lahntal, Eslohe-Bremke, Bad Dürkheim and Neuendorf; five pure sales offices come along.
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