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The Newest Member of IAS Partner Network: ACHEVX

July 2009

Glowise We would like to announce the newest member of IAS Partner Network Program. Achievement and Excellence (AchevX) from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has become an IAS partner on 15th of July, 2009. IAS and AchevX has started having initial business contacts during the introduction of the Arabic Version of CANIAS ERP at GITEX exhibition in October, 2008.

Saudi Arabia, with a strong production capability, increased ERP awareness and developed technological infrastructure, is an important market where IAS would like to introduce CANIAS by the help of strong local partners as Achevx. We would like to welcome Achevx and to wish great success.

Gülistan Turhan van der Linden

Business Development Manager
IAS Partner Network Program

Who is AchevX?

Achievement & Excellence (AchevX) is a Saudi-based company operating in Riyadh, the central province and the capital city of Saudi Arabia. AchevX's strength is embedded in its diverse and experienced team in information and communication technology (ICT). AchevX Team has been formed around the special needs of developing Saudi future capabilities, satisfying the need of our clients, and enriching the Saudi IT market.

"Our Strategic alliance has started with the ambition of creating an image of professionalism and quality service provider. We believe in quality and customer satisfaction comes always on the top of our list of priorities. We strive to support our clients with professional team of workers locally and internationally to achieve high level of pro-organizational culture that reflects our core value of excellence. With a clear vision of excellence that provides guidance to our future, AchevX was setup to provide services in system solution and integration, and consultations" emphasizes Mr. Al Jasser, CFO of AchevX.
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