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Project Application and Management

IAS presents powerful consulting and superior training services by means of its outstanding team, dynamic structure, international experience, information accumulation gathered from large-scale projects and self developed technology.

To guarantee the full compatibility of its product with the organic structure of the customer and to ensure unconditional customer satisfaction, IAS executes the processed projects with fastidiousness and it attaches importance to the preparation studies , which is necessary for this. Before the phase of transition to active system, phases of project organization, pre-study and execution should be accomplished.

Project Application Phases

Project organization

Identification of project goals and targets, project management, project control plan, cost plan


Determination of current state, recognition of requirements, requests and rate of meeting of requests, analyse of the deficiencies of the company, preparation of solution reports.


Definition of priorities and the stuff to be transferred from the previous system, draft studies for modifications, recognition of data and work flow, detailed working on details.

Transition to Productive System

Programming of interface and modifications, user training, simulation of production conditions, data entry to the system, analyse of the compatibility of the targets and system, system optimization.

Working System of IAS

After the first contact with the customer, IAS organizes a presentation meeting. Goal of this meeting is to obtain information about the firm, to start preparation activities for following works and to present offered services to the customer.

Next step is a presentation activity, which will be realized upon request of the customer company. During that presentation, which will be customer specific, we will take pains to solve the customer's particular problems. At the end of this meeting a proposal will be offered to the customer firm or a study of the System Analyses can be started as a milestone of a possible project.

Goal of the system analysis, with the objective of revealing the organic structure of the company, , is to examine the current system detailed in the process optimization field ,in the matters of
  • organization structure
  • Work flows
  • Task descriptions
  • Infrastructure of data processing
  • Human profile
  • Company's intern & extern data and document flow
  • Company intern & extern material flow
  • Production technology
and to document the realized study. As a result of the system analysis, meeting proportion of the company's needs will also be obtained. Not responded functions can be developed upon request of the customer.

Items possible to fix a constant price for the project, which appears after the determination of company's aims, needs and deficiencies.
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