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CANIAS CRM - Customer Relationship Management

Professional Solutions for CRM

CANIAS ERP - Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a professional solution designed to enable you exactly manage customer data of strategic importance at any platform you interact with the customer.

Identify your customers

CANIAS ERP - Customer Relationship Management (CRM) consists of integrative applications for all units you will relate with the customer and makes it easy to equip your business with a customer-orientated vision independent on personnel and departments thanks to its integration and process discipline.

CANIAS ERP - Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Know your customer

CRM begins with knowing the customer. CANIAS ERP - Customer Relationship Management (CRM) helps you know your customer better and includes many details such as actions, history, related contacts, addresses of your customers and their relations with your competitors. Whatever information you would like to keep about your customer, flexible database structure enables maintaining such information for future references.

Provide Analyse Plan the communication

Many businesses encounter with similar problems such as delayed proposals, lost documents, forgotten meetings, non-forwarded customer complaints, questions without answers, non-compliant communication actions by personnel and etc. most of which arise from unplanned and non-systematic conduct of business.

While some corporations ignore such mistakes, similar difficulties suddenly emerge upon replacement of key personnel because the system here is completely dependent on individuals far from being institutional.

Corporations utilizing CAN1AS ERP - Customer Relationship Management (CRM) never face such difficulties since the system offers you tools that help you plan and organize your activities regarding customer relations at one hand. Therefore, it is possible to minimize customer dissatisfaction arising from planning and organization mistakes.

Make analyses

Under today's competitive circumstances it's not sufficient to be only systematic and to gather data. It is inevitable for a corporation, which continuously reviews but does not improve its process, to fail. Analysis and improvement are indispensable components of a correct customer relations strategy.

CANIAS ERP - Customer Relationship Management (CRM) offers you tools to examine purchase behaviors of your customers and to detect and improve those failing points. It also makes it easier for you to understand purchase habits of your customers and thereby to develop products and services accordingly thanks to various examinations.

It is possible to obtain many information from the system such as the products and customer groups the customers mostly complain of, the products less sold and passive customers, returns and reasons thereof, which help you improve the process. Briefly CANIAS ERP - Customer Relationship Management (CRM) magnify all actions of customers and review in every detail.

Entire Process on a Single Platform

One of the most important features of CANIAS ERP - Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module is its integrity. Therefore, integration difficulties between units, which is one of the sources of the most significant problems of corporations, are more easily overcame. Capability of coordination on all units such as marketing, call center, sales, service and etc. in relation with customers is facilitated upon accumulation of all above under the same database.

Provide full control on your sales process

CANIAS ERP - Customer Relationship Management (CRM) sales applications contain applications that will let you manage the entire document flow from offer to invoice. Documents are more rapidly and flawlessly produced due to customer data. Working rules of your sales staff are easily defined thanks to authorization definitions, warning codes and pricing policies within the system so that full control is provided on your sales process.

The power of your sales staff will increase at the rate of data accessed about customer and product. While the sales personnel is still under offering stage in the system, many information such as stock status, estimated costs, estimated delivery times, risk status of customer, customer habits and special demands, detailed contact info and previous trades will be easily accessed.

Listen to your customers

Customer complaints reported to call center or other related departments offer very important opportunities for your corporation. Complaints should be recorded, replied and analyzed for constant improvement.

CANIAS ERP - Customer Relationship Management (CRM) encloses integrated fault notification application through all other modules to fulfill the above function. This application enables recording customer complaints in the project and customer basis and also recording the entire process up to the solution of problem upon distribution of duties of personnel.

Record communication

Forgetting a promise on the phone, a lost fax message or an e-mail message might be quite bothersome for your future relation with your customer. Therefore, recording your entire communication either oral or written, physical or electronic is of great importance.

CANIAS ERP - Customer Relationship Management (CRM) enables recording your entire conversation with your customer. In case document management module is activated, all kinds of electronic documentation regarding the customer is kept. In case the system is used with a fax server, all outgoing and incoming fax messages are recorded. In addition, all electronic mail activities are performed and recorded over the system without requiring an additional software through Collaborator application.

Quantify customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction quantification questionnaires to be realized from time to time under CANIAS ERP - Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module will help creating the data necessary for constant improvement. Differentiated and customized questionnaires may be sent to your interior and exterior customers from system applications so that quite valuable data are obtained to quantify customer satisfaction.

Get organized in servicing

One of the most vital components of CANIAS ERP - Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module is service application, which lets you manage the entire process from getting service calls of customers to completing and invoicing the service. Integration with mobile devices available throughout the system is mostly necessary for this application. Thanks to integration with mobile phones, PDA and other mobile devices, service personnel at remote regions can be automatically accessed and the time for replying the call is shortened. In addition, it is possible for the personnel to reach many detailed info about the customer again through mobile devices.


If you're willing to
  • Know your customers better
  • Predefine customer requirements
  • Make a close follow-up of demand changes
  • Orientate sales organization
  • Boost customer satisfaction
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Become a customer-oriented company
  • Be more successful in customer relations
Then, call us.

 Comprehensive Functionality  
    • Full coordination between units
    • Effective safety and authentication
    • Easy and useful interface
    • Full use and platform independence over internet
    • Integration through mobile devices
    • Flexible infrastructure adoptable on processes
    • Open resource code
    • Full ERP integration

    • Appointment, duty and activities
    • Contact management
    • Personal and corporate address lists
    • E-mail application
    • Personal and corporate calendar

    • Sales force automation
    • Sales opportunities
    • Effective documentation management
    • Price policies
    • Sales conditions
    • Sales statistics

    • Strategic customer data management
    • Updated customer data for the entire organization
    • Action and interaction planning
    • Action and interaction history
    • Call center management
    • Campaign management
    • Collective e-mail and letter preparation
    • Customized e-mail and letter preparation
    • HTML pattern e-mail
    • Notes and related documents

    • Failure inclination
    • Material serial number follow-up
    • Service forms
    • Service status reports
    • Spare materials stock management

    • Central documents library
    • Documents related with customer
    • Fax provider integrator

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